Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Links: September 20

A frog with dreams. [link]

History of the Soviet Union set to the theme of Tetris.

Cat trolling a snake. [link]

Wolverine goes to the nail salon.

Treatment for monkey AIDS. [link]

A 4 dimensional universe could have it's own black holes. And along the event horizon of these black holes could our 3 dimensional universe. [link]

5 newish nifty materials. [link]

A brief history of diving suits. [link]

An insect with gears. [link]

World's most popular lasagna recipe. [link]

Poor college students pay more than rich ones. [link]

The soldier with the sword. [link]

The ugliest, or at least saddest looking, creature. [link]
The picture is unfair. How does it look in the water?

What those words on the nutrition label actually mean. [link]

For those of you who missed the picture of the frog at the rocket launch. [link]

The man behind Dolby sound systems died the other day at age 80. [link]

Festival clean up. [link]

Crime scene photos placed over current New York pics. [link]
I thought this was old, but it's really good work.

Putting time in perspective. [link]

I'm proud to say that I had no idea that GQ and Hugo Boss had an awards ceremony or that Russell Brand make a Nazi joke about Hugo Boss while there. But here's Russell's side of things. [link]

Rocky and Natasha's voice actress wins an Emmy. [link]

Scary clown loose in Northampton. [link]

11,000 years of temperature data. [link]

Ron Paul confirms my views that he's a loon. He's now coming out against schools. [link]
Have you met... people, Ron? People are stupid. We send people to school so that people somewhat smarter can teach the kids. Under your plan only the kids of really smart people or people with money for tutors would get an education worth a damn. Mostly we'd get feral children.

True facts about the frog.

Why is this not a show on TLC? Or at least between shows on PBS?

Productivity secrets from great historical thinkers. [link]

All the financial advice you need on one index card. [link]

The Stay Out of New York tourist leaflet. [link]

Women in aviation. [link]

A private study of Black Widow Spiders. [link]

Man is his own brewery. [link]

Drone watches German Chancellor and freaks security out. [link]

Minecraft if made with the Crysis engine.

What Isaac Asimov got right about 2014. [link]

All 56 original Star Trek episodes at once.

Aw. Robots are taking our dogs, too. [link]

Cartoon characters doing Lord of the Rings.

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