Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th Links: September

The NSA build a poor Enterprise bridge replica. [link]
Yeah, part of our budget was recently taken to pay for someone's office, too.

Modern Shrinky Dinks. [link]
Made from #6 plastic. Does this mean I can just take my #6 plastics, draw on them, and shove them in the oven instead of fighting with the recycling guys over whether they take them or not?

Shrinky Dink science. [link]
Dang. Looks like it needs to be stretched to make Shrinky Dink plastic.

How to get attention for your decal company. [link]

Engl-ish. [link]

Pimp my skeleton or Bones of Bling. [link] [link 2]

Weird Al Yankovic's "UHF" with footage from MST3K.


Gas cloud to hit black hole in the middle of the Milky Way this year. [link]

Why was the old Doctor Who cancelled?

Really? Have you seen mid-80's BBC shows? The whole network deserved to be dropped. 

How has "don't make concave, reflective walls on your building" not become standard architect doctrine? [link]

Oh, look, we've figured out how to break light speed again. And this one is actually rather old (to me). [link]

Name that tune.

It's time for you to run a 5K. And then send me pics of your medal. [link]

August 10 - the day that news of American independence was published in England. [link]

Why are chemical weapons worse than conventional weapons? [link]

How (this guy) Outgrew Libertarianism. [link]
Short version: matured past the age of 6.

Underground home and yard for sale. [link]

Why you shouldn't post pictures of your kids online. [link]

Time capsule city. [link]

Cheap decorative jars. [link]
I may need a few in my new library. Just so I don't have to dust. 

Why can't we go back in time to kill Hitler? [link]

Kindle book stealing robot. [link]

A short audio recording of a fire fight in Vietnam. [link]

A short history of Syria in the last century. [link]

How to make a proper caesar salad. [link]

You've seen these circles from airplanes. We farmers know what they are and are familiar with this problem. [link]

Gangs have business cards? [link]

Can't get yourself deserted on an island? Rent one! [link]

Are sports ruining schools? [link]

It costs poor people more to access their money than it does rich people. [link]

Submersible ships that aren't submarines. [link]

A Georgian Stonehenge/Rosetta Stone. [link]

Simple 3D modeling from a photo. Then photo manipulation.

Video games are good for the mental functions of the elderly. [link]

Deceptive practices in interface design. [link]
iPhone users should have a look.

Evil prank. [link]

26 year old victim of WWI. [link]

Dynamic lines on a gym floor. [link]

The old Aperture Science computer system. [link]

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