Saturday, December 16, 2006

Movie Review: Eragon

Eragon: A New Hope
Long, long ago in a galaxy not to far away...
Once upon a time there were dragons and the dragon riders. Together they kept the piece in the Old Republic. But the dragon riders grew arrogant in their power. They were betrayed and destroyed by one of their own, a young dragon rider by the name of Darth Galbatorix. King Galbatorix has ruled the world with a cruel hand for decades. But there is a legend which speaks of a new dragon rider who will rise up and destroy Galbatorix and bring balance to The Force.
Our movie opens with Darth Durza, Darth Galbatorix's right hand, chasing Princess Arya, who has stolen a precious object from the King. On the verge of being captured she sends this object off to keep it from being captured.
The object lands in the hands of a young farm boy named Eragon Skywalker. His mother and father missing he has been raised by his uncle. He knows of an old man, Obi-Brom Kenobi, who knows of this mysterious object and goes off in search of him. When he returns home the king's Stormtroopers have killed his family.
Together Obi-Brom and Eragon go off to return this object to the Rebel Alliance. But their quest is thrown in jeopardy when they're forced to make a detour into the lair of the Galbatorix's henchman, Darth Durza, to rescue the princess. In the process Obi-Brom gives his life to save Eragon.
Eragon and Arya escape and fly their dragon, the Saphira Falcon, to the rebel base. But they are tracked and the King sends his army to wipe out their stronghold. There's a dramatic air battle between Eragon Skywalker and Darth Durka in which the rebel base is saved and things are setup for the sequel.

The whole thing looks like it was a SciFi Channel production but they actually managed to get a script that doesn't completely suck.


Anonymous said...

I like the comparison to Star Wars. Makes it actually easier to follow. Like most movies made from books I read prior, I'm disappointed in some points that don't match... Brom stole the object, the king has ruled for centuries, Durza had no flying creature and there was no aerial battle... but I will see the movie tomorrow regardless because it's got dragons and magic, mainly. Sadly, not enough interesting movies are made so I have to take what I can get.

Ibid said...

I could be wrong on some of the finer details. It was the girl who was being chased with the object. I can't swear by how long the king ruled. It was a long time, but I didn't get any indication that dragon riders were particularly long lived. Durza's "dragon" was made of "dark magic".