Monday, December 04, 2006

Comics! (part 3)

Today I'm going to point you to some syndicated stuff that you probably don't see in your newspaper.

My Comics Page -- New Page
The official page for the Andrews McMeel Universal syndicate. Create an account for free and then select what comics you like. It puts them all together on one page. It also has archives running back for years. One of the better put together comic sites I've seen. Home Page
The United Feature Syndicate page. Not as well organized as MyComics, but it doesn't require membership.

The King Features Syndicate page is really awful. You're lucky if they update 3 days late and navigation is by dropdown menu. Luckily some of the papers they sell to have better sites. I'll just give you a couple of examples and let you browse on your own.
Sherman's Lagoon Comic Strip
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Zits


Anonymous said...

Thanks Doug. Have you ever read Ink Pen, Lio or Pooch Cafe? They are my favorite.

Ibid said...

I read Pooch Cafe in the Washington Post Express. I just started reading Lio and Ink Pen.