Monday, February 16, 2015

Movie Review: Kingsmen - The Secret Service

Did you see "The Avengers"? Not that one. The 1998 one with Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes based on the British TV series from the 60s. I had high hopes for that movie. And I really liked the first half of it. The second half was a suck fest.

"Kingsmen: The Secret Service" comes close to what I expected from "The Avengers". They have a spy agency full of people who can kick your ass fairly effortlessly while dressed in tailored suits and sporting bumbershoots (see: golf umbrella), manners, and a dry sense of humor.

I was a bit concerned by the trailers. A major part of the story seems to be the introduction of a "hip" young protagonist. I appreciate the need to have someone who the audience can relate to who can help walk the audience through the foreign universe. But all too often that person is so completely unsuited to overall feel of the movie that he winds up screwing everything up. Rose Tyler worked beautifully to bring a new generation of people into Doctor Who. But Marlon Wayans was the biggest thing working against the 2009 GI Joe movie. Luckily, Eggsy doesn't tank the movie. He remains himself, but he adapts to the program more than the program adapts to him. He doesn't remain a crude guttersnipe.

The movie runs in two parallel storyline that click together at the end. One is about the Kingsman finding out about a billionaire super villain with mysterious, but evil plans. The other is about Eggsy trying out for the Kingsman and trying to prove his worth among the highly educated hoi-polloi.

The question you have to ask yourself at the end of the movie is how evil the villain really is. If he pitched his plan to you, would you side with him?

I'll probably get this on DVD.

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