Thursday, February 26, 2015

Friday Links: February 27

Before action figures. [link]

Is this what they mean by weighted dice? [link]

I've played Half-Life 2, and I don't remember this part.

Republican in Congress believes stupid thing (part infinity plus one). [link]

Guy I know gets interviewed for making games. [link]

Frog riding a beetle. [link]

"Blood is thicker than water" means the opposite of what you think. [link]

This guy was so mad he had to carve it into rock. [link]
note: he actually wrote it in mud and waited for it to dry.

Short Adam Savage TED talk.

Don't march in step on a bridge. [link]
Because I know you had plans to do that this weekend

Man ordered to pay child support on kid proven not to be his. [link]

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