Friday, January 09, 2015

Friday Links: January 9

Rhea flock in Germany. [link]

The Archer pilot with Velociraptor as Sterling Archer. [link]

Why releasing 1.5 million balloons might be a bad idea. [link]

Every copy of Popular Electronics. [link]

Multi-direction elevators. [link]

Snoopy the astronaut safety beagle. [link]

A fan film set in the Judge Dredd universe

The making of a Bioshock themed fish tank.

Music video done to sound experiments. [link]
Sorry if this is a repost.

Cartoonist Richard Thompson's work in a museum. [link]

The 1837 Indian Smallpox outbreak was not due to the Army distributing infected blankets, but a fur trader who wouldn't turn back. [link]

The effort to save and restore forests is having a notable effect on global climate change. [link]

And in gloomier news... animals that went extinct in 2014. [link]

Some of the greatest science pics and videos of 2014. [link]

Cartoonist documents her time in prison. [link]

The wheels of the Curiosity rover have a lot of wear, tear, and holes. Here's why and how much of an issue it is. [link]

The Gingerbread people have a starship. [link]

1300 year old onion. [link]

The story of the Star Wars Christmas Album. [link]

Texas plumber's used truck ends up in the hands of terrorists. [link]

Marijuana themed cooking show. [link]

The soundtrack for 2001: A Space Odyssey was originally put there to inspire the musician who would write the real soundtrack. That guy's soundtrack was never used and he didn't know until the movie started to roll at the premier. Here is some of his soundtrack restored.

Can people be identified from reflections in eyes like in CSI? [link]

Off duty black cops in New York City feel threatened by police. [link]

Brilliant shark bed for babies or cats. [link]

A town for electrosensitives to hide in. [link]

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with CNN. [link]

Earth's 8th ocean. [link]

Marvel Universe: Phase 2 ends here.

The story of Bad News Brian. [link]

We get a leap second this year. [link]

Frederick County (where I work) Councilman is amazingly uninformed about what the press is and how it works for someone governing so close to Washington, DC. [link]

That is a big skinny TV. [link]

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