Thursday, January 22, 2015

Friday Links: January 23

Steven Sodeebergh's remastering of 2001: A Space Odyssey. [link]

Tough on crime politician sees the error of his ways... by being sent to prison. [link]

Video of the SpaceX Falcon 9 booster's failure to land. [link]
Yeah, so this failed. It would have been destroyed anyway. This is a step in finding out how to make one that works. The only thing that went wrong this time is that it landed too hard.

Death Star fire pit (a real one). [link]

Death Star fire pit (Photoshopped). [link]

Atheist 10 commandments. [link]

Beagle lander found. [link]

Alfred Hitchcock's edit and narration of Concentration Camp footage.

It's a dog! That's a raccoon! It's RACCOON DOG! [link]

An interview with a man named Doom who worked at Los Alamos back in the day. [link]

Cigarette butts act as an insecticide in nests. But do birds use them for that purpose? [link]

Dating when autistic. [link]


Top viewed Wikipedia page for every day in 2014. [link]

Fallout 3/Skyrim crossover.

Jewish newspaper edits women out of photo of Charlie Hebdo march. [link]

Sunni cleric issues fatwa on snowmen. [link]

Time lapse creation of paper mache dragon. [link]

Fine surgical robot peeling a grape and tying knots and whatnot. [link]

Augmented hand exhibit. [link]

Fishing for piranha.

Morality and parenting without gods. [link]

What would happen if you put a person in a microwave? [link]

How to jump from a moving car. [link]

Hunger on/off switch. [link]

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