Monday, May 12, 2014

Movie Review: Muppets: Most Wanted

I finally saw the latest Muppet movie in our local second run theater. I meant to see it sooner, but the bad reviews that I was hearing kept putting me off. And while I can agree that it's not as good as the previous movie, it was still pretty good. The last movie had some really touching and moving moments mixed in with the comedic stuff. It was a quality movie by any standards. This one didn't have the touching and moving moments. There was the usual conflict between Kermit and Piggy. And the rallying around Kermit when he thinks he's been forgotten. But nothing like seeing the Jim Henson picture in Kermit's office in the first movie. No, this is a funny movie. With an insane number of celebrity cameos. Gandolf will be disappointed that there's a shortage of Swedish Chef, but I'm still going to use this movie to show her more of Sam... The AMERICAN Eagle.

If you can still find it and haven't seen it yet and like The Muppets, then you should forget what critics have said and see this movie.

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