Friday, May 09, 2014

Friday Links: May 9

Game of Thrones theme played on wine glasses.

Also check out his rendition of "Happy".

The weirdest beach in NYC. [link]

Naturally occurring nuclear reactors. [link]

Pac Man maze fish tank. [link]

We've all seen the photo from the Star Wars: Episode 7 table read. Here's a list of who is who. [link]
Solo, Leia, Luke, Chewy, 3PO, R2, sure, sure, sure... Andy Serkis. He played Gollum and King Kong and a few other. So that's a good sign. And they got Lawrence Kasdan. That tells me they're actually taking this seriously. Screw the prequels. Lets get the guy who wrote Empire and Jedi. 
I know a lot of people think Disney is going to screw this up. But we all felt the same way when they bought Marvel. And they put out The Avengers and all movies and TV shows related to it. So, yeah, I have hope. I mean it can't be worse than Phantom Menace.

Footage of the Baltimore landslide that took place within easy walking distance of Yummy's old apartment.

The girl who rides a cow.

What do animals dream about? [link]

First look at the Satanist statue for the Oklahoma Statehouse. [link]

Should the last of the smallpox be destroyed. [link]

Earth gets buzzed by a big rock. [link]

Your DNA can be used to find where your ancestors lived 1000 years ago. [link]

15 best canned beers. [link]
I mostly drink bottles beers with pry-off caps, but that's just because I want to wash and reuse the bottles. I'll have to look for some of these cans and maybe try to rip off their recipes. 

Concept sketches from various car companies. [link]

Those who don't use e-mail are making major technology law decisions. [link]

Tattooing in slow motion. [link]

Global warming impact is already severe. [link]

Woman films her own abortion and puts the video online to debunk anti-choice myths. [link]

The first color swatch. [link]

Young Batman show coming this fall.

Consider buying the first album from Deathmole. It's from the cartoonist who makes Questionable Content. [link]

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