Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Links: May 20

Preview of the second half of High Line Park. [link]

How the population center of the United States has shifted over the years. [link]

Clip on wheels for dragging home stuff you find on the sidewalk. [link]

New York Times final edition. [link]

Robot that can climb any surface.

A picture Peter Jackson just had to take. [link]

Mad Portal 2 cube tricks.

Mr Potato Battery. [link]

Harry Potter books summarized in a comic page. [link]

Iron Sky: trailer the third.

Video of electrical transformers exploding in Fort Worth.

How to explain a Kindle to Charles Dickens. [link]

Game: Blow Things Up 2 - there are creatures that need blowing up. [link]

This cat really is convinced that the people are it's slaves.

The latest Doctor Who episode was written by Neil Gaiman. Here are three clips talking about what got cut and how to write Doctor Who.

Flood defense: just add backhoe.

A cat in a tank.

Steampunked mobile phones. [link]


Game: Amigo Pancho - remove the sharp things so the cartoony Mexican stereotype can float away with his balloons. [link]

Game: Vampire Skills - help the vampire learn all his skills. [link]

The Onion says about Mitt Romney what I see every time I read an article about him. [link]

A string of pendulums of increasing length and the patterns they make when they swing together.

Pictures of nuclear tests, some of which I haven't seen before. [link]

A comparison of scenes from the game "Fallout: New Vegas" to their real world equivalents. [link]

Extreme closeups of snowflakes. [link]

Turbine for the arteries. [link]

Class M planet found... probably. [link]

From George Takai's Twitter feed: Schwarzenegger confesses to fathering baby with house staff member, but explains that child is destined to bring down SkyNet in 2031. [link]

Muppets as X-Men. [link]
I'd see that movie.

Dr Who spoof of the poster for "The Adventures of Tin Tin". [link]

I might need one of these for the next kite festival.

Flatworm regenerates from a single cell... kinda. [link]

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