Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Links: May 13

Blogger is FINALLY back up. Here's Friday Links.

Creepy gopher sculptures. [link]

Dancing spiders.

Another version of the translation telephone game. [link]

Best sports correction ever. [link]

That prop ages well. [link]

DC retracts Superman giving up his American citizenship. [link]

Dogs in war. [link]
Some of you know that I make military medical textbooks for a living. We've started a military veterinary medicine book I'm kinda psyched about.

Kinda old news. The origins of the word "robot" [link] and, because I actually thought about it while in front of a computer, an English translation of the play. [link]

An older video, but it popped up again. Earth if it had rings like Saturn's. 

10 years on and we've proved that torture is counterproductive and old fashioned interrogation is the way to find terrorists. [link]

Image search by color. [link]

Doctor Who fan service: The Angels vs The Silence. [link]

Unusual ways to die. [link]

How accurate are pundits? [link]

Super high resolution photo of the sky. [link]

Hasidic newspaper edited Hillary Clinton out of pictures of Obama and cabinet being briefed about Osama's death. [link]

Animated miniature airport.

Feather art. [link]

Ikea guide to sci-fi tech. [link]

10,500 lbs of used aluminum street signs for auction. I hope whoever buys them uses them for craft projects instead of just recycling them. [link]

Portal turret egg cup. [link]


lacochran's evil twin said...

"Hasidic newspaper edited Hillary Clinton out of pictures of Obama and cabinet being briefed about Osama's death. [link]"

Goyim don't have a monopoly on nutcases, sadly. I always think it's disturbing when women are cast as "too provocative" as if men have absolutely no control and no responsibility. Yeah, Hillary in a suit is irresistible eye candy. *rolls eyes*

GreenCanary said...

Uh... those gophers... disturb me.

GreenCanary said...

OMG! I just went to the IKEA sci-fi link! That is too stinkin' funny! But why do we need a can of shaving cream to create the Dindasur?

I want the Tjardiis. I love how it needs the Wibbly Wobbly (Timey Wimey) and an infinite amount of those little wooden pegs. And the fez! "I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool."

Ibid said...

They need the shaving cream can to smuggle out the dinosaur DNA while keeping it cold and disguising it.