Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Links: April 22

Game: I Have 1 Day. A game for all you fans of old Sierra games. [link]

Baby pygmy goats having fun

From the maker of the mini cannon [link] comes the mini crossbow.

Best pedometer on the market is a kids toy. [link]

Arizona's state legislature passed a bill that would make presidential candidates prove they're United States citizens before they'd get on the state ballot. [link]
The governor vetoed it. [link]

Another of the ThinkGeek April Fools products becomes a reality.

Dayton boots' new ads have an attitude. [link]

A new type of solar panel based on physics we once thought were impossible. [link]

Video about using magnets to influence the brain, even shut off speech. [link]

CIA reveals their old secret for invisible ink. [link]

Old Soviet photo airbrushing. [link]

Fun with paperclips. [link]

Science Friday video about how bikes balance. [link]

How they treat food to make it look more photogenic. [link]

Mystery characters showing up in comic books. [link]

Superorganism eating the Titanic. [link]

Unofficial Dr Who merchandise. [link]

Stargate Studios shows off.

Pictures of shipwrecks. [link]

Which of these complaints to the FCC are about Glenn Beck and which are about Jon Stewart? I got 7/10. [link]

Single best argument for getting an iPad that I've seen. [link]


GreenCanary said...

I would LOVE to see that one in the Canary Islands! It's creeeeeeepy :-)

I want to dive a wreck someday. I think you need special scuba certs for it, though.

lacochran's evil twin said...