Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Links: September 17

Douglas Trumbull talks about how they made the opening sequence of "Blade Runner". [link]

There's a conference of people who believe in a geocentric universe coming up. [link]

Not a single Belgian congregation escaped at least some priest pedophilia. [link]

Some churches convert people after they're dead. Now you can de-convert the religious dead. [link]

Australian Catholic church bans non-religious music at funerals. "A Catholic funeral should never be 'a celebration of the life'." [link]

The Quran burning jackass has agreed to stop. More about his background here. [link]

Guinness cupcakes. [link]

How to control your camera flash with a TV remote. [link]

Astronomy picture and explanation: what do you get when a planet orbits inside a star? [link]

Great Old Spice body wash.

You know that Tea Bagger in Deleware that has everyone coming unglued? Here's some of her early work.

Behold the healing power of crop circles. What is this a picture of anyway? It's this.

Love this light fixture. [link]

I get sent lots of bike designs that I just can't tell apart or see why they're interesting. But this one I like. [link]

But I'd rather drive one of these.
Watch Robo Dog in Technology  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Ant death spiral. [link]

Evolution art contest for kids. [link]

I was trying to explain the game "Portal" to someone the other day. Here's a trailer for the multi-player version of "Portal 2".

Modern Warfare 2 player is trying to reach rank 70 without killing anyone. [link]

I haven't read these yet and don't know when I'll get the chance, but they're free and probably about zombies. [link]

Lost Rod Serling interview. [link]

Mike Jarvi making a bench.

A Golden Gate Bridge replica near where I grew up. [link]

How not to take pictures of yourself. [link]

Drink mixing tips. [link]

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