Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hit counter

My old hit counter stopped working some time back. I didn't care too terribly much. I made some minor effort to fix it, but I wasn't that interested. But, when I posted my homemade paving stones I was telling everyone and wanted to know what my hits would be like. I tried changing templates again. That didn't help. So I got a new free hit counter. doesn't give me the hourly breakdown I had with the old service. It gives me data for the whole day. But it gives me lots of other info.

First of all, I'm getting about 24 hits per day. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but about that. This is up from 8 when my old counter died.

Aside from the main page, my most popular pages are
  • my review of Clash of the Titans

  • my instructions on how to make your own CD lens cleaner [link]

  • my experience working with Tiger Foam [link]

  • a page with now defunct Seeing Ear Theater links

  • my praise for Steven Moffat [link]

  • more experiences with Tiger Foam [link]

  • quotes from my parrot [link]

  • how I used Doctor Who as history and science lessons [link]

  • my explanation of the Sidewalk Economy [link]

and lots of hits to my most recent posts. Probably someone getting links to my new stuff through an RSS feed or something.

Most people come straight to my main page. The next highest is Google. Google US, Google UK, Google Italy, Google Australia, Google India, Google California, Google South Africa, Google Germany, Google China, Google Sweden, Google Qatar, and a couple of hits from Bing and Yahoo.

Most search terms are pretty straight forward. I know exactly how they got where they were going. There's a few really odd ones. Stuff like "3d incest comics", "www.pakistni comiadi darma mujaan ie mujaan", and "Mary Fairchild".

75% of visitors spend less than 5 seconds here. Kinda dampens that 24 visitors per day number. 90% of visitor have been here before. So that helps.

Can you tell I was really digging for something to post today?

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