Monday, February 12, 2007


I'm putting off that movie review another day because I need to discuss a new Dougintology holiday.

Valenteen is the working title. I don't like it. It sounds too much like a holiday for high school students.
Anyway, Valenteen is supposed to be to St. Valentine's Day what Halloween is to All Hallows Eve.
In both cases they take place the day before a holiday to honor saints. In both cases you're supposed to alter your normal appearance.

Here's how to celebrate. On February 13th (tomorrow) you skip all the morning preparation stuff. Guys don't shave, apply cologne, or use anything other than a hairbrush on their hair. Women don't apply makeup or perfume, hairbrush only, and wear comfortable clothes to work. By comfortable I mean you can skip the heels, the tight clothes, the revealing clothes, etc. Obviously if there's a dress code at work you have to obey that. But if you can wear slacks instead of skirts or blue jeans instead of slacks then do.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. It's all about romance and candy and candles and dressing up for your significant other... and huge profits for the candy, card, and lingerie companies. We dress up a bit every day. If we fail to dress up for this one day, show our partners our real selves, it'll make all the work we do on Valentine's Day that much more impressive and hopefully make our partners appreciate the work we to every other day just a little bit more.
Plus guys are clueless dweebs who somehow miss all the signs and ads and candy sales that have been everywhere for the last month. This gives them one last 24 hour warning that they're supposed to have something planned for the 14th.

If you have suggestions for a better name for this holiday let me know.


Carrie M said...

well, i wore jeans and sneakers today to work but that was more in favor of the weather. and i just couldn't NOT wear a little bit of makeup or my trusted Stella perfume. I am bad Valenteen-er.

Ibid said...

Your Doug is a forgiving Doug. He'll let you slide this time.