Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Game Review: Psychonauts

I just finished playing the PS2 game "Psychonauts" last night. It's a good game.

You play a boy named Rasputin who has snuck away from the circus his family works for to go to a camp for psychics. Once at camp he discovers a plot to steal the brains from all the children and put them in battletanks to be used as weapons to take over the world.
As the game procedes your powers increase and you learn new skills. You have a door that allows you to enter people's minds for training, therapy for the person you're in, or combat. You have to clear cobwebs from their minds and remove their emotional baggage (weeping suitcases). Each mind has a different theme so it feels like you're playing a bunch of little games. Each character has a story and personality that may or may not get fleshed out but makes the overall story more interesting.

There are points in the game where you might get stuck, but dying is only a minor inconvenience.

I highly recommend this game for any age.

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