Thursday, November 30, 2006


My brother got a new board game that we played on Thanksgiving. Triopoly.

It's for people who think Monopoly is too short of a game. I think the best way to do this is explain the differences between Monopoly and Triopoly.

Monopoly is played on a square board where a count of ten gets you from corner to corner.
Triopoly is played on three nested square boards with a count of 8, 8, and 6 getting you from corner to corner (outside board to inner board).

Monopoly has Jail where you spend 3 turns or pay money to get out.
Triopoly has a parking garage that slowly drags you to the outermost board with one turn lost for each level you get dragged.

Monopoly has Free Parking where you get money for landing right on it.
Triopoly has Lotto which does the same thing.

Monopoly has a Go To Jail space which send you to jail.
Triopoly has an elevator which allows you to change levels at will.

Monopoly has houses and motels you can build to increase rent on a property. You must own the whole set of properties and them must be developed equally.
Triopoly has gas stations, shopping malls, and sky scrapers. A gas station can be built even if you don't own the whole set of properties. The properties are spread over multiple levels and you can develop one property to the exclusion of others.

Monopoly has Chance and Community Chest cards.
Triopoly has Travel cards which send you to specific properties and is the easiest way to change levels. It also has Stock Market cards which allow you to win or lose large amounts of money in a hurry depending on whether the card says the market is bearish or bullish. It also has casinos where you can bet either 10x the roll or 100x the roll and winning or losing depends on rolling even or odd numbers respectively.

Monopoly has you win $200 for passing Go.
Triopoly has you win $300, $250, or $200 depending on what level you're on. But Travel cards practically make passing Go much rarer since you travel direct instead of passing Go (Now changed to "Start").

The names of properties have changed and the pieces have changed.

It's more difficult in some ways but easier in many ways. 4 or more players is really recommended if you're gonna set up all 3 boards. I'd totally play it again.

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