Sunday, November 05, 2006

Book review: Fragile Things

Neil Gaiman's latest short story collection is called "Fragile Things". Mostly this is for Gaiman fans. If you like his other stuff you'll like this. If you haven't read Gaiman before there are better books to start with.

The first story alone sells the book. You'll want to have read some Arthur Conan Doyle and HP Lovecraft. Having seen some Sherlock Holmes shows would be nice, but to appreciate it you'll want to have read the stories. I can't tell you any more about the story without giving stuff away, but if you've read Doyle and Lovecraft you'll love this story.

The book ends with a short sequel to "American Gods", one of Gaiman's other books. It's ok if you haven't read the original, but you really should have the background.

In between there's good stuff, weak stuff, and other stuff. I'm delighted with it, but as I said, if you haven't read Gaiman before this isn't the place to start.

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