Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Links: July 24

How to cheat sleep. [link]

Why some people are "evil". [link]

Actual 3D, interactive holograms.

A Confederation of lies. [link]

... and I can't even blame it on the Japanese.

Lego Doctor Who trailer. [link]

Shop smart, shop S-Mart. [link]

The return of Bloom County... again. [link]

Most terrifying Joker ever.

This is how Star Wars is done.

19 September

Block God from your kids' computer. [link]

Chinese visitors to SW United States 2500 years ago? [link]

How to give mosquitoes a good population check. [link]

Fog flow.

Which political party is better for the economy? I mean, setting aside the fact that one in particular routinely boasts lower unemployment, lower deficits, and all that. Whose policies are better? [link]

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