Monday, June 08, 2015

The police were involved

This weekend I called in my first homicide.

Got your attention with that, didn't I?

So, I'm sitting out front trying to organize stencils to make signs for our upcoming farmers market while dealing with a swarm of neighbor children when I heard a rapid "bang bang bang bang bang bang". One of the kids jokes that someone just got shot. I analyzed the timing and determined that was too fast for a car backfiring. "I think you're right. Stay there." I said, and got up, moving towards the corner. As I reached my corner I saw two guys running like a bat out of hell away from where the sound originated. Definitely a shooting. Round the corner. What can I see? Phone out. 911 ready. Is there a body? Yes. Crap. I hit dial. "All circuits are busy. Please hold." I held for several minutes before anyone picked up. "Shooting. Annapolis Rd and Kent St. Someone down. Race unknown, ID unknown, condition unknown." Cops showed up shortly after. Word is the guy had a pulse when they arrived but I saw them doing compressions when they put him in the ambulance. Word is also that he's a homeless guy. But his mother was there. She lives too far away to have gotten there that fast. They're suspicious characters. After the crowd cleared I mentioned to some officers that I saw runners and which direction they headed. Then I hung around for more than an hour so the homicide detective could question me. They took me downtown but I couldn't tell them much. My focus was on making sure help was called for the shooting victim.

What did you do yesterday?

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