Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Links: May 15

NASA says their EM Drive will work in space. [link]
I don't know how big this drive is, but, in theory, we get not only interstellar relativistic propulsion, but atmospheric shuttlecraft as well. 

HEY! HITLER! We're in your bathtub using your soaps! [link]

The five and a half year old who gave birth. [link]

Captain America had different to-do lists when Winter Soldier was show in different countries. [link]
Click the photo to see alternate lists. 

An article ripping into Texas idiocy. [link]

The largest single cell organism. [link]

The war on rats. [link]

The sound of fear. [link]

The Muppets are coming back!

I'm not sure who's more excited, me or Gandolf. She's been Bork Bork Borking all day.

The books all white men own. [link]
Ok, the list starts out pretty weak, but gets better. I have several of these that I haven't read, a few that I have, some where I've seen the movie, a couple where I may have downloaded the e-book from, one or two that I started and couldn't finish, because bleh.

Anodizing a Titanium Over-Denture Bar

Turning the horrible, burning death of ants into art.

It's still a bad time to be in Baltimore. [link]

A 3D map of the nearest 100,000 stars. [link]
A couple of familiar names you'll see... Barnard's Star was mentioned in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Vega is where Jodi Foster ended up in Contact.

What went wrong in Age of Ultron. [link]
More importantly, a paragraph explaining everything that made the "Puny god." moment of The Avengers so awesome. 

Music video done with pins and string. Watch the backdrop degrade.

Seriously, though, Gandolf will be upset if the new show doesn't have the Swedish Chef.

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