Thursday, February 05, 2015

Friday Links: February 6

The FCC finally made a ruling on Net Neutrality! [link]
Now Congress gets the opportunity to undermine the FCC.

I'm gonna have to try making this someday. [link]

Women murdering men in art. [link]

How to tell if you're in a soft sci-fi novel. [link]

What it's like to freeze to death. [link]

Photos from 1888 blizzard. [link]

Comcast is writing letters to the FCC for politicians. [link]

Difference in views of scientists and general public on science. [link]

3D printing buildings. [link]

Details on how to plant corn, beans, and squash to help each other. [link]

Lego Matt Smith regenerates into Lego Peter Capaldi.

Being a non-white cop. [link]

Cat survives being hit by a car and buried. [link]

The new Air Force 1 - before the beginning. [link]

Interesting x-rays and how doctors share them. [link]

Mexico City offers free subway rides in exchange for exercise. [link]

Cheap gas is how Saudis sabotage climate treaties. [link]

Terri Schiavo's husband speaks out against Jeb Bush. [link]

Man vs Tank playing tennis. [link]

School bans 66 kids without MMR vaccination for 2 weeks. [link]

When the Amish get measles. [link]

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