Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I finished making a lamp last night. The lamp frame probably came from Ikea, but I got it off the sidewalk. It was found on the sidewalk, holes burnt in the paper lamp shade. I tried to replace the paper, but I couldn't get it to hang quite right. Then I intended to use old slides from work, stitched together with enameled wire, to make the shade. That project was being delayed indefinitely. So I brought the lamp back to Kansas with me and used my "Aunt" Helen's old slides. She took photography classes that went on tours around the world. All her old slides ended up with my parents, who had no use for them, didn't want them, but couldn't throw them out. A hole punch for tiny holes helped puncture the corners of the slides. For thread I dissected some dead ethernet cables for the wires inside. Those wires stitched together the slides into the lamp shade you see below. Some really fine wire from a HDMI cable went around in a few places to help hold it together.

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