Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Links: June 13

Logic gates illustrated with weights and pulleys. [link]

Cat give passing cyclist a high 4. [link]

This is how you play Dance Dance Revolution. [link]

The first manmade object in space was actually a manhole cover. [link]

Computer passes Turing test. [link]
Or doesn't. [link]

Bill Watterson returns... briefly. [link]

Synthahol invented! [link]

Damascus steel included carbon nanotubules. [link]

Hippos like licking crocodiles.

How anti-vaccine believers are causing the return of Polio in places it had been eradicated. [link]

Arc lighting towers from the 1800s are still in use in Austin, Texas. [link]

Eating ice is a diet plan. [link]

Detroit agate. [link]

Gun control laws of the wild, wild west. [link]

Combine Harvester. I might have to play this at my brother's eventual wedding.

You Are My Sunshine in a minor key.

A history of maps of the internet. [link]

Why are there so few conservative comedians? [link]
Because polluting rivers, starting wars, stealing the life savings of senior citizens, and gay bashing isn't funny. 

A dimetrodon (the dinosaur toy with a fin on it's back) is not a dinosaur.

Google admits that Google Plus was a bad idea. [link]

Salads without leaves. [link]

Chiquita is blocking a bill that would allow people to sue companies that fund terrorism. 3 guesses why. [link]

Sweden to experiment with 6 hour work day with 8 hour pay. [link]

Impressive hail storm damage. [link]

Pig the dog. [link]

Comments on a first viewing of Star Wars. [link]

Chimp playing a memory game.

Building an Inception hallway style room on the cheap. [link]
Gives you some idea how much practice they needed to walk in the hallway in the movie.

Atlas has to change to reflect new polar caps. [link]

The vanishing islands of Kiribati. [link]

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