Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cracker Jack

The neighborhood around our Baltimore houses is full of stray cats. Apparently that's one of the things Westport is really known for. Yummy has taken to feeding the cats. Many of them have been spayed or neutered. You can tell because the tip of one ear gets removed so they know not to try to refix already sterile cats.

A couple of the cats are really friendly. The one that Yummy has named Crackerjack (or just Jack) is extremely friendly. It likes to crawl up on her shoulders and lie down. Last Friday I was trying to get some work done on the front porch when Jack came along, tested to see how friendly I was, and then crawled up in my lap. After a few minutes of petting and head rubs it fell asleep.

That night I left the chair on the front porch. Jack slept in it.

Are you seeing this? What kind of stray cat does this!?

Time to catch some sleep.

It turns out that Jack belonged to someone who lived a couple of houses down from Norman's House. When that guy got sick and had to move out the cat was left behind. And it desperately wants someone to let it be a house cat again. 

Anyone want a young, fixed, friendly, mellow cat?

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GreenCanary said...

I do! I do! I want to keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep the cat. KEEP IT! P.S. Word verification is "mifitt" - the perfect name for the next stray that wanders into the backyard.