Thursday, February 28, 2008

Further progress

With the hole cut and the ladder installed (see yesterday) I started moving stuff into the attic. I started with my computer museum.

Pictured here are 15 bits of the museum. I have all together 23 computers.

The Epson in the upper right is my first computer. It's a 1983 model with an 8086 processor. I think my Dad's watch has a more powerful processor. It dates back to before hard drives. And yes, it still works.

Below it is a database server from my last job. Below that is a Mac that I found on the sidewalk here in DC. I fixed it up for a neighbor kid to use. To the left is a kit I got from Tiger Direct. Nothing special about it. To the left and at the bottom is a Gateway 2000. It's only significance is that it was such a major product in it's time. Above that is a Mac LC that I got at a university auction. It mostly fills a slot in the timeline. Above that is another DB server from my last job. Then there's the remains of my second Epson. I know it looks empty but all those parts are still around. I just don't have the same attachment to it. To the left is some tower that I used to use. I think it replaced the Tiger and was what I used when I moved to DC. Next to that is a 486 that I use mostly for playing old games. To the left of that is one of those rare machines from the brief period when Apple allowed other companies to make compatible machines. To the left of that is another timeline placeholder. In the upper left corner are three Mac SEs from the early days of Macs.

I've also got an Apple ][, a Mac Performa I used in college, another tower for playing old games that my cousin recently left me, a couple of ill laptops, a first generation iMac, my main computer, ... that's 21 ... there's the G3 that Avery is using... that's 22... I'm missing one... There was one that I gutted and turned into a kitty litter box as a wedding gift but that's not the one I'm thinking of. Man, that's gonna bother me all day.

Also, in the far right of the picture you can see a bit of blanket poking into the scene. That's because once I had that floor down I started sleeping up there since it was warmer than the couch on the first floor. Last night I finally got enough computers and electronic components (and comic books) moved into the attic that I had room to take the bed away from it's place against the bedroom wall. I used the wet-dry vac to clean the whole room 2" at a time and put down the bed. This is the first time I've slept in it since June 30... 2006.

The attic is sufficiently climate controlled that I'm not worried about the heat and humidity damaging the stuff I'm cramming up there. But just in case I will be monitoring the temperature up there this summer.

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