Friday, September 21, 2007

Movie review: Resident Evil: Extinction

This third chapter in the "Resident Evil" movie line is the best of the lot. This isn't saying much. The story has more holes than it takes to fill the Albert Hall. I wanted to play "MST3K: The Home Edition" through the whole thing.

You don't have to have seen the first two movies or played any of the games to understand what's going on in this movie. It might help a bit, but really, it's not worth seeing the earlier movies.

"Resident Evil" are basically zombie stories with the evil corporation and heartless scientists thrown in for good measure. Raccoon Corp. created some immortality treatment that became a zombie virus. It spread beyond their underground complex, beyond Raccoon City, and tore off across the planet. Unlike most zombie viruses this one attacked more than just humans. Dogs, birds, bugs, and plants all died or became zombies. Most of the planet is a desert. A band of survivors moves around in a caravan looking for food, fuel, and other living people. They meet up with Alice. Alice is another creation of the Raccoon Corporation. She has a natural immunity to the virus, physical superiority, and telekinetic powers.
The remains of Raccoon Corp are stuck in their underground compounds all over the world. They've been cloning Alice to try to get their own cure but they really want her back. They use the blood from some of the clones to make super zombies that they release to kill Alice so they can sample some of her blood.

There's machete fights, assorted gun play, flame throwers, zombie dogs, mutant zombies, cities in ruins, a small band of people led by a bunch of strong female leads, and lots of scenes where you just wanna say "awesome!"

I'm not getting it on DVD. It's a fun movie and I suggest watching it with people who like to make fun of movies.

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