Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Links dammit!

Zombie satellite. [link]

Simple homopolar motor.

Monty Python reference in Game of Thrones. [link]

The nuclear missile arsenal runs on 8 inch floppies. [link]

Little girl from Schindler's List gets traumatized by watching Schindler's List. [link]

12 Days of Evolution - complete video series.

Former NHL player talks about his abusive father and warns about abuse in youth hockey. [link]

Buried ships of San Francisco. [link]

Calling cards to get laid. [link]

A game I'll have to play someday.

Stormtrooper dressing room. [link]

3D printing ice buildings for Mars. [link]

175 year old battery that still runs, and nobody knows why. [link]

Cross sections of Star Wars ships. [link]


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