Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Links: April 24

Game: Interlocked - disconnect the oddly shaped blocks from each other. [link]

First look at this picture. [picture]
Now watch the picture while listening to any of these songs. [song 1] [song 2] [song 3]
And, of course, Yakkity Sax.

This comic story about a clockwork chess player is done and available online. [link]

The elevator in the new World Trade Center shows a time lapse video of the development of New York City's skyline as it goes up. [link]

Fun with sentences. [link]

Gluten: the facts. [link]

Mom livetweets her son's abstinence sex-ed class. [link]

That's not how Arthur C Clarke saw things. [link]

Dubai's Mall of the World plans. [link]

Body of missing man shows up. The thing is, his family confessed to cutting him up and feeding him to the dogs. [link]

Bank of America is dicks. [story 1] [story 2]

Netflix's market value exceeds CBS. [link]

Johnny Cash Machines. [link]

Footage from a new camera outside the ISS. [link]

China's nail houses. [link]

The troubled history of the Ant Man movie. [link]
I'll see it, but I already wish Edgar hadn't left. He's what gave me faith that it wouldn't be a waste of time.

Photos to show how vast space is. [link]

Cheese was invented due to an environmental crisis. [link]

Astronomers against automatic lawnmowers. [link]

Victorian Swiss Army gadget for women. [link]

How Facebook's free internet is actually a really bad thing. [link]

DaVinci's resume. [link]

This explains why there's so much police outreach in Baltimore. They're compensating. [link]

The prevalence of Eenie Meenie Miney Moe. [link]

Kermit found in Costa Rica. [link]

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