Thursday, December 04, 2014

Friday Links: December 4

The whole run of Busty Girl Problems/Perks Comics. [link]

Blue, in animals, isn't a dye. It's a trick. [link]

Proposed (and rejected) Mars probe. [link]

The Elf Who Lost His Hand in a Tragic Toy Factory Accident: A Christmas Miracle

Vibration experiments being used in a music video. [link]

The effects of LSD on British Marines (1964).

What happened when 3,000 pounds were given to 13 homeless people. [link]

Ibuprofin eases hurt feelings in women, but worsens it in men. [link]

A brief history of dogs going back 32,000 years to the earliest evidence of domestication. [link]

Worst. Life Hacks. Evar. [link]

The budget for a concert tour. [link]

Satire news shows actually provide more facts and do more research than "real" news shows. [link]

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