Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Links: October 24

A goat and rhino playing.

Douglas Adams' daughter is cute. [link]
RIP Jane, his wife, dead now 3 years. 

They Might Be Giants' "Fingertips 21 - I Walk Alone" set to Star Wars footage.

Air umbrella. [link]

Maple syrup is good for you. [link]

The number of the beast is a poor translation. [link]

Sheep don't know each other after being sheared. [link]

Building the biggest ship in the world. [link]

History of merfolk mythology. [link]

Aren't you just the cutest giant, motherfucking spider? [link]

Not the most effective way to hoist a bucket, but the most fun.

How to minimize divorce risk. [link]

The woman who should have been an Apollo astronaut. [link]

Pictures of the comet that just buzzed Mars as seen from Mars. [link]
look for the satellite, too

How a professor deals with students who think men have fewer ribs because of the Bible. [link]

An autistic boy bonds with Siri. [link]

Where did last names come from?

Plants feel and respond. [link]

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