Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Links: July 25

Potty trained parrot.

David Copperfield once made muggers think he had nothing on him to steal. [link]

Diggy Diggy Hole - music video

Comic book character inspirations. [link]

Vegetables are any plant you eat. [link]

The only non-indian survivor of the 7th Cavalry at Little Bighorn. [link]

Finally, a good reason for disliking Jimmy Carter. [link]

Spot on Peter Griffin impersonator with iffy audio.

A penguin that goes to the shops. [link]

The Science of Doctor Who by Brian Cox. [link]

Some of Weird Al's new stuff. Word Crimes and Tacky. [more]

Harrier makes an emergency landing on a cargo ship.

Kid dies because school wouldn't let him carry his inhaler. [link]

Coyotes and badgers sometimes hunt together. [link]
This explains the holes my brother has been having to fill up in his fields.

Bird migration wasn't something people knew about until surprisingly recently. A crane with a spear through it's neck introduced the idea. [link]

Queen Elizabeth aging via money. [link]

3D print Barbie some armor. [link]

Game: Purrmageddon - play a cat in a giant mech suit smacking down the best defenses the planet can muster. [link]

Man vs TGIFriday's Endless Mozarella Sticks. Careful notes of a day spent choking down breaded cheese. [link]

Pictures of Hitler practicing his hand gestures. [link]

Ultra-black material invented. [link]

Thanks to anti-vaxxers, the immigrant children are better vaccinated than Texans. [link]

Stand your ground laws don't stop crime, do increase homicides. [link]

What happens when you decriminalize "indoor" prostitution? Rhode Island accidentally found out. [link]

A timeline of indian land loss. [link]

Bacteria that live solely on electricity. [link]

Sleeping in colder rooms helps you lose weight. [link]

Seaweed beer. [link]

14 fact about the child-migrant influx. [link]

Spray cake in a can. [link]

Video of the creation of a nuke-built lake. [link]

There's an airborne version of MRSA. [link]

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