Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Links: June 27

A bad week for links.

Game: Tentacle Wars - fight other infections to dominate the level. [link]
Important tip, extend a tentacle and then cut it to send reinforcements in a hurry.

The effect of altering ingredients on cookies. [link]

Interview with a guinea pig. [link]

A device that might trick your body to think you're cooler or warmer than you are. [link]

First 3D printed presidential bust. [link]

Using a snow storm to see how air flows around wind turbines. [link]

First known photo of someone giving the camera the finger. [link]

Helen Mirren plays Queen Elizabeth II to fill a dying child's wish of having tea with the Queen. [link]

The Sahara used to have 3 rivers that may have provided a green trail for early man to migrate out of Africa and to the Middle East. [link]

An ex-con talks about problems with Orange is the New Black. [link]

Not actually a bumblebee rescuing a friend. [link]

Man has heart attack while running a race and finishes. [link]

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