Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Links: December 21

Send some love to this project. They're making cups that change colors in the presence of the date rape drug. [link]

Thanks to Der Muffinmann for letting me know this hadn't posted.

Film of the largest iceberg calving event ever recorded. [link]

Official Minecraft torch. [link]

DARPA has injectable foam to hold your guts in place in case of grevious wounds. [link]

Facebook has taken to liking stuff against people's will. [link]

"Hello alien monsters. Are you ready to start testing?"

The Muppet Show pitch.

Photo tour of the old LA subway system. [link]

Dogs learning to drive cars. [link]

A penguin falls down. It's the sounds that make it.

Professional soccer/football juggler.

The source of bordom. [link 1] [link]

This video about introducing a bengal kitten to some adult cats shows more about how to introduce any new cat into a home.

Drive a tank. [link]

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