Monday, July 25, 2011

Movie Review: Harry Potter part 7 part 2

Kind of a silly movie to review. It's the 8th movie in a popular series of movies and books. Either you've skipped these entirely, you've already seen it, or you're planning to soon.

None of the books in the series have been small. None of the books could be effectively translated to film. Some did a better job than others, but all had favorite bits hacked out and most felt rushed. The seventh and final book, however, was a bit disappointing. They spent half of the book camping and doing nothing. So I was a bit pissed when I heard that of all the books this was the one they felt deserved two movies. The book with the least to cut got twice the screen time. It also turned out to be the best of the movies.

If you're new to the series I'd recommend reading or listening to the first 6 books and then watching these last two movies. They turned out able to explain what was going on better than the books did.

The big complaint is that in Snape's flashback you got that he loved Lily Potter, but not how broken his heart was when she married James instead. But they did a better job of showing that it was his patronus that saved Harry in the woods in a previous book and not his dead father's patronus.

I won't be getting it on DVD because I much prefer the audio versions. But if you're on the fence about seeing this Harry Potter movie I highly recommend you see it.

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