Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Links: July 24

Kids playing cartoon war games.

The first nine issues of "Cartoon History of the Universe". I hadn't realized they were comics. I got the compiled book back in high school. There are now five books in this series. Plus a history of the United States and guides to other subjects. I recommend them all after you read what's on this page for free. [link]

You may recall that when the Millenium Falcon was brought onto the Death Star some Stormtroopers went on to look for people hiding inside. Turns out Lucas may have edited that down a bit.

Locks from Castle Heterodyne...or maybe somewhere a bit more in existence. [link]

A globe made of 10,362 OLED screens. [link]

2D movie tickets are out selling 3D. Hopefully this spells the beginning of the end of 3D for the sake of extra expensive tickets. [link]

Mark Hamill says he won't really be leaving his job as the voice of the Joker in cartoons and video games. WOO! [link]

Six Flags of New Orleans never came back after Katrina. Here's a tour of it's ruins. [link]

A 10,000 year clock being built in a mountain. [link]

Deep. Fried. Kool-aid. Uh, what? [link]

Weird Al got to go ahead with his Lady Gaga spoof.

A summary of solar related job growth. [link]

Barking cat gets embarrassed.

The importance of the right soundtrack. Keep clicking the rectangle. [link]

The longest listing in Wikipedia. [link]

A few thousand suggestions for good sci-fi reading. [link]

Republicans hire a questionable Obama impersonator. Read this article for the last line. [link]

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Jon Q. Citizen said...

I own all three Volumes of the Cartoon History of the Universe by Larry Gonick, both of the C.H. of the Modern Age, and he has also done a History of the United States.

I've learned more history from those books than all the classes I ever took in high school or college.