Monday, January 10, 2011

Another birdie

Some weeks (months?) back we took Gandolf Greybird and Oliver Queen to PetCo. We knew they did nail trimmings for dogs and cats and thought they might do them for birds as well. Turned out they did have someone that knew how, but the people on staff that day weren't confident enough to try. So we went in the bird room as we always do. Yummy put Oliver on the same cage with another Green Cheeked Conure named Ernesto. The two immediately climbed over to each other and started rubbing beaks through the bars and being generally affectionate. Just don't touch the toes or there'd be trouble.

Yummy talked about Ernesto a couple of times a week ever since. He was such a sweet birdie. He got along with Ollie so well. She was worried about how well Ollie would handle being alone in her new apartment.

So Friday night, when I went to buy more bird food, I also bought Ernesto. 

Ernie and Ollie

Ernie scales Mt Ibid while Ollie looks on.