Monday, December 13, 2010

Movie review: Capricorn 1

Sorry this is so late. What good is a scheduler if it doesn't obey the schedule?

This was supposed to be a review of the 1978 movie "Capricorn 1", but when I went to look for a trailer I found the whole thing instead.

This is a movie about how a mission to Mars got screwed up so they had to fake it. That and the desperate cover-up of the faking.

When the faking begins you sort of get behind it. Sure, it's not what anyone wanted, but you can understand why certain things had to be done. A bit of sleaze, but you can still grudgingly get behind it. Then things just get worse and worse until you find yourself in a very post-Nixon type movie. There's a plot and the people behind the government, the ones with the black helicopters, are out to get everyone.

I'd like to see this movie remade. Early on is well done, but I think Ron Howard has a talent for bringing out the emotion behind the space program. Once the space stuff is over the movie might have to go to someone else. Someone better able to do chase scenes and conspiracy movies. The dialog makes me smile. If we start with the original dialog and get it polished it might work even better. The camera work says 70's even if you couldn't tell the era from the rest of the movie.

The worst part is the end. The last 90 seconds or so of the movie qualify for some of the worst in the history of movies. Really, it's bad enough that it almost ruins an otherwise decent movie.

Even so, I enjoyed the movie and recommend it to anyone.

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