Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dougintology Department of Acquisitions

I had a birthday a few weeks back. Yummy got me something pretty impressive.

That's an Amazon Kindle 2. It's displaying a picture from "Care of the Combat Amputee", one of the books I worked on at my job.

I've also loaded it up with some short stories I've downloaded over the last year or two and never read, some stuff from manybooks.net and a couple of MP3s.

I drag it around with me so I'll have some basic sort of internet connection anywhere I go. Last weekend I was reading a real book in a coffee shop and there were a couple of references in the book that I wanted to check. One was whether some character was supposed to be the Virginia Tech shooter. The other was a parrot in New Zealand that likes to land on the backs of sheep and peck out their liver or kidney.

I'm not a fan of Amazon's business practices and won't give them my own money, but I think I can forgive Yummy giving them hers to get me something awesome.

Thank you, Yummy. I love it.

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GreenCanary said...

You're welcome, sweet! I know you're not a fan of Amazon so I checked out the Nook, I swears it! ;-) But apparently the Nook has some bugs it still needs to work out.