Thursday, November 05, 2009

Zombies vs Mummies

I often find myself thinking about mythical creatures and asking questions about them. One of my favorites is the question of what qualifications Charon, the ferryman on the River Styx, needed to get his job.

The other day I started thinking about zombies and mummies and wondering what the difference is.

If a mummy rises and starts to walk due to an infestation of the living dead is it considered a mummy or a zombie?

Are zombies just mummies without the bandages? Conversely, are mummies really zombies with a better tailor?

Could a mummy rise with the zombies if it's brain has already been yanked out through it's nose? Or are they less vulnerable because their brain is sealed in a jar in a tomb or museum somewhere? I mean, zombies can be handled by a simple shotgun to the head. If the brain is in a tomb would you need to find out who the mummy is, where his tomb is, get to Egypt, and smash the jar?

Is the difference between a mummy and a zombie just the goals it has - eating brains vs. fulfilling an ancient curse?

Great, now I'm starting to wonder if vampires - proper ones, none of this glitter crap - are a variant on the zombie condition.


BrianAlt said...

Sounds like you have the makings for a thesis.

Sweetly Single said...

Maybe vampires are like the vegan human....can't stand the flesh but crave the blood

GreenCanary said...

There are too many variables, here. There are zombies that are created by a virus, so it's living people that become the Walking Dead. Then you have the type of zombies that rise from the dead and eat people's brains. They don't seem to create other zombies, choosing instead to kill the living for their delicious gray matter. And then are we talking mummification as performed by the ancient Egyptians? Or general mummification where something is well-preserved by luck or herbs or voodoo or something? Because if you're talking about Egyptian mummies and the types of zombies that rise from the dead (instead of being infected), I think you could get a zombified mummy. But you can't have a mummified zombie because the zombie would have to have his brain removed for the mummification, and we've learned that removing the zombie's brain is the only way to kill it. If you're looking at virally created zombies, then mummies wouldn't factor into the equation because a dead mummy can't catch a virus.

BrianAlt said...

You two belong together.