Friday, July 18, 2008

Moisture Vaporator update

A couple of weeks back I posted my notes about various moisture vaporators. I've exchanged a few more e-mails with the President of Planets Purest Water™ that makes the C-21 Rain Cloud. I wanted to know what impact their device would have on the humidity in my house. Here's what he said.

Dear Douglas,

I just returned from Mexico so I apologize for the delay in my response.
However while in Mexico (very humid) we discussed the topic you have brought
up. Dehumidifiers are typically power guzzlers, high decibel levels and the
water extracted is unsafe to consume because of uncoated aluminum and/or
leaching alloys and unsanitary holding tanks.

Our C-21 will lower humidity levels and the amount of humidity reduction
will vary from region to region. Typically you will see a 4 to about a 10%
reduction in home humidity.

Keep in mind no matter how much the units may retail for there is always the
break even point and then a profit point over using bottled water or RO
systems as the units produce their own water. The ability of the unit to act
as an Air purifier and hot & Cold water dispensing are also a positive
points. The biggest advantage is from a health standpoint as this water has
incredible hydration abilities and also a natural 31 PPM oxygen count.

I hope this answers your questions and obviously having a unit in person
will show you what engineering marvels these units are.

Best regards,

Robin Larson, President & Founder
Planets Purest Water™

reprinted with permission

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